Water Fast for Life
Hello Guys

I'm starting a Water Fast 1 November and I'm looking for a Fasting Buddy. Just someone to motivate you when times are tough. I really can do with someone to just remind me, what I am aiming for, when I need to hear it.

Its true you cant tell someone you are Fasting.. cos it doesn't work. All I get is "you don't need to diet", "why do you want to kill yourself", "your metabolism will slow down", "Only fast for 3 days" etc etc etc, the list can go on and on.

So support and understand amongst my Friends is not available - so on line I go.

I don't have a time frame like 30 days or so... But my guess is, it would be longer than 30 days!

Even if you are not planning on Fasting that long... it would just be nice to know that you there.

Reasons for Fasting... weight loss is a very big reason, but even so - its comes 2nd.
My first reason is Colon bases... mine is screwed, along with my stomach lining and digestive and elimination track.

Food does actually kill me. I'm hoping the Fast can cure that.

So here goes nothing!

Love ya all!


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